Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reader Stats

Number of unread posts in Google Reader that I intend to read right now: 726

Number of unread posts that I don't intend to read: It hits 1000 in a matter of a few days, and Google doesn't provide an accurate count above that. I bet it's over 10K now - I periodically mark everything as read just because it drives me crazy to have so many unread posts.

Number of feeds I am subscribed to (including the ~10 or so comment feeds I am subscribed to): 248

Number I actually read: Less than 100

Odds that this weekend I will choose to read the last few days' worth of posts and just mark the rest as read: High.

Note: I use Google Reader as my way of bookmarking blogs, which is why I have so many unread posts.


B. Zedan said...

Ah man, that is a lot. I feel kind of even more like a jerk for sharing so many posts today.

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