Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moody Memes

I'll take that challenge.... but not that seriously, as you will see.

Your coma: Unplug, or keep on pluggin’? Surprisingly, I can't decide.
Superstition you can’t shake: I tend to touch a lot of doorways.
Last person you yelled at: Ooh, that's difficult. Probably my parents or brother.
Duty at work you hate: Phone banking.
Invention the world would be better off without: Television!
Actor/actress you’d trade your partner for: Um, no. Too implicitly based on looks.
Selling price for your kids: No such thing.
One thing your mom would faint if she knew about: Two words: Lawn ornaments.
Sound of the little voice in your head: The Narrator
What you do when the Jehovah’s Witnesses knock: Politely say no. Refuse materials.
Web sites you visit instead of working: Google Reader
Tylenol or Ibuprofen? Why stop at one? (Seriously, I have no preference.)
Oldest thing in your fridge: Salad dressing?
First thing you’d do if made dictator for life: Dismantle the military.
Burial or cremation? Burial - with no chemicals.
Worst vacation ever: The drive to Baker City.
Speed you’d drive if you knew you wouldn’t be ticketed: Barring gas, 85.
Best hangover cure: Coffee... probably Irish Coffee.
Sex on the first date? Yes.
Thing you say that makes you sound like your folks when you swore you never would: I repeat stories.


Theresa said...

I tried Jennifer's list out too...

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