Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Challenging EW for the "Most Batshit Letter-Writer" Award

A letter in today's DH, reprinted in its entirety:

It’s a communist plot

I find it hard to believe that several people who believe in communism have been elected to high state government offices. Beliefs so firmly entrenched that they are trying to have communistic doctrine made state law.

Two such people are Phil Keisling and Norma Paulus. Fidel Castro would be proud of their efforts to reduce Oregon to a one-party system. I’m not sure what Hasso’s stand is, but I think from his editorials that he too favors the one-party system.

The worrisome part in all of this is the loudmouths pushing for the open primary. They are weak-kneed people that haven’t a backbone to stand up for anything. They complain about being locked out of their constitutional rights. Not true. They choose to join small factions that stand for nothing and therefore have no power.

Wake up and join the world; and if our world doesn’t fit, go someplace else!

M. Paul Lindsey, Lebanon

I..... yeah. There are good arguments against open primaries - the right of a party to choose its own nominee, for example - but this letter does not make use of such arguments.

A second argument, for the record, is that open primaries are a solution that does not fit the problem, which is the presence of a two-party system.

Somehow, I don't think Phil Keisling is a communist. I'd have seen him at the monthly mixer and board game session by now.



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