Monday, July 28, 2008

From the 'Ungrateful' Files

Syndicated columnist Mona Charen, as reprinted in the DH:

What will George W. Bush be remembered for? If, as Clare Boothe Luce argued, every president gets just one sentence in the history books, then President Bush’s will certainly concern the war on terror and Iraq. His historical reputation will wax or wane based entirely on how well Iraq does in the coming decades. That’s the ballgame for Bush, historically speaking. And yet, as recent news about student test scores reminds us, a poignant aspect of this president’s two terms is his unrequited love for blacks and other minorities.

Say what? Is she kidding? No? You mean she's seriously claiming that Bush has love for people of color? WTF?

Oh, and in case you thought her opening was bad, check out how she concludes the column:

...the total contempt shown by the African-American community toward this president is a staggering injustice.

Yeah - the 'staggering injustice' of the Bush years is clearly how ungrateful African-Americans were for - what does Ms. Charen cite? - No Child Left Behind, AIDS funding for African and faith-based initiatives. Certainly it couldn't be Iraq, the War on Terra', the rapid expansion of the police state, massive deregulation of financial markets (with all the attendant consequences), letting energy companies develop energy policy, or any number of other things. Nope. The 'staggering injustice' of the Bush years is that black people aren't grateful enough. Jesus Fucking Christ, this is getting old.

I can't believe people pay her for this. And I can't believe Hering ran such racist drivel.

I want to puke.


Roxy said...

I so read that headline yesterday and thought the same exact thing. Hello!? Did we forget about Katrina?

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