Friday, August 1, 2008

Reaction to the Randleman Story

There are, as of this moment, 46 comments on the Express website regarding the Randleman story.

I am pretty sure that's some kind of record. By a factor of ten, probably.

If you plan on reading them, put your waders on. It's pretty rough - and those are the ones that have been approved.

I wanted to note part of one comment here (sorry, can't link directly):

And just because you live across the street from someone does not mean you know anything! How many of us truley [sic] could say that we know our neighbors in such a detail to where you could pin point if they were having an inappropriate relationship with someone?!

I would like to know under what circumstances it's acceptable for a School Resource Officer to have high school students over to their house on multiple occasions and/or late at night. Frankly, I'm not sure there are any - especially when no one else is being told about it.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I don't think it was ok under any circumstances. I believe that a person who is in a position such as this who befriends a few students alienates many others. I'm relativly sure the entire school wasn't invited over to watch videos after the formal and only three, 17yo girls took him up on the offer. One student I talked to told me, "He was an ok guy if you were in his little group I guess." This was during a general conversation about how she was doing is school in general --more than two weeks before this mess came public knowledge. Students knew he had his favorites. I believe many were aware that there were things going on, but weren't fully aware of how wrong they were. Unfortunatly I believe our society teaches us not to listen to our guts. I wish more students who had an interaction with him which left that little knot in thier gut would have siad something. People who do things like this are very skilled about choosing the right victim and keeping it all secret. Often you see in the media where something horrible has happened and most people say that they are shocked-- he/she was the nicest person... you never would have guessed etc.
We need some education here, not just opinion. There is a reason why those who defend him do. They either never saw that side of him or are so brainwashed and caught up in the situation themselves they aren't able to see it right now. It's not about sitting in judgement of another human being. It's about protecting our kids and grandkids and nieces and nephews.

All my rambling (sorry, but some of us just aren't gifted writers)and to be honest, the pj movie part of it isn't nearly as concerning to me as the girl telling the investigator he messeged via myspace to "lay on the bed and do what the nice officer tells her to do" (or something very close to that. FOR A 36 YEAR OLD COP WHO IS THE SRO WHERE A 18 YEAR OLD GIRL ATTENDS SCHOOL IS SICK! (....and they both admitted to the kissing) Please tell me under what circumstances THAT is acceptable.

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