Monday, August 4, 2008

DH: Jackson Resigns

From Jennifer Moody, the greased lightning of the education beat:

LEBANON - Jay Jackson has resigned his position as director of operations for People Involved in Education, the organization that runs Sand Ridge Charter School.


In an interview following his statement, Jackson said he does not anticipate having any role in PIE from now on. Doug Miner was elected president of the PIE board at the organization's June meeting, and Business Director Mary Northern will be the main point of public contact, he said.

Here is the million-dollar question, at least for me: Who is going to be serving the role of administrator at Sand Ridge? That is, who is going to be supervising teachers and doing all the other things someone in an administrator role does? If it's Mary Northern, then she needs to register with PIE if she hasn't already.

It would be interesting to see the DH or LE follow up on this question. It's entirely possible that Sand Ridge already has a properly registered or licensed administrator lined up for next year, or that Northern will simply register without a fuss; I just don't know. But if past history is any guide....


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