Monday, August 4, 2008

Post-Liveblogging Post/Board Meeting Extra-Short Summary

Well... that was interesting. I got a kick out of liveblogging, it got a few positive reactions, and I think a few people even followed along (I think I set a record for the ratio of pageviews to unique visits at about 5:1 for today). I might try that again.

As for the meeting, here's the super-short summary:

Jay Jackson resigned as Director of Operations for PIE during audience comments.

Russ McUne was appointed to the empty seat on the board.

Rick Alexander was very, very quiet.

I'm more suprised by what did not happen:

No one talked about firing, suspending, buying out, or otherwise getting rid of Robinson.

Rick Alexander did not add anything to the agenda or otherwise cause much of a ruckus. (Speculation: He's not happy about Jackson resigning.)

Um.... yeah. All in all, a relatively quiet, well-run meeting. Congrats are due to Josh - he was ten times better than last month. I still think he shouldn't be voting on everything except in case of a tie, but hey. It could be worse.

The caveat: The board went into Executive Session after the meeting ended, so who knows what shenanigans are still going on.

I suppose I'll post more reactions as I have them, but for now, what did y'all think of the board meeting? What about the liveblogging?


Anonymous said...

I think Josh W. enjoys leading AND he really does not want to be recalled. This is my take on his behavior at the Board meeting tonight.
Decent comments to others.
No eye-rolling condensation.
No looks of exasperation or irritation.
Not too much nit-picking or complaining.
He proudly stated how quickly they had moved through a three-page agenda.
A lot of that was because he and Rick did not introduce a bunch of surprise things to the agenda.
They did not turn 'report' items into 'action' items.
Besides, if the PIE/Jackson thing hadn't been resolved by Jackson resigning and had been packed with Sand Ridge people it would have been a MUCH longer meeting. So he/the Board can't really take the credit for the meeting length--unless they are willing to concede that their (finally) good behavior led to it.

If Josh W. had behaved this way the entire past year and a half he would not be up for recall now.
One night of relative good behavior--at least in the public session--does not out-weigh all that has gone before though.
He will have to keep this up from now on.
Time will tell.

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