Monday, August 4, 2008

Liveblogging the Lebanon School Board

If I can get internet access, I'm going to try and liveblog the LCSD board meeting tonight as it happens. Doing so will almost certainly take the place of my normal writeup.

Check back during the board meeting to see if I manage. If you check and I don't have anything by 8 PM, don't expect to see anything until it's over.

(Liveblogging, by the way, is essentially blogging something as it happens. Think a running commentary/record of a sporting event, or the State of the Union, or something similar.)

Here's an example of Washington Monthly blogger Kevin Drum liveblogging a State of the Union address.


Anonymous said...

Good! I've been planning to go, but have been running my butt off all day and don't know if I can get there or not. Thanks in advance!!

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