Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Of Hypotheticals and Listening Skills

Part of a hypothetical conversation that might have happened this morning:

Person X: So tell me about the meeting yesterday. What's the situation with Issue A?

Dennis: This is the structure of their existing plan... if we successfully pass this proposal, we can choose how to implement, either matching the existing plan or creating a whole new plan. Here are some reasons to do either, plus some likely consequences for different options.

Person X: So our proposed plan is analogous to their plan?

Dennis: No, we have the freedom to do it however we want. We never actually proposed a concrete plan, just that we get the resources to meet this existing need.

Person X: So our plan, which is analogous to their plan, is to [describes their plan].

Dennis: Actually, we don't have to stick to that, we can do any way we want. [Briefly repeats a few possibilities.]

[Conversation shifts to rehashing other parts of the meeting, the same thing happens.]

Later, in presenting this to other people:

Person X: Our plan, which is analogous to the existing plan, would....

Dennis: [Develops an ulcer on the spot.]


Anonymous said...

Ha! This makes me laugh. I would like to have more conversations like this with you.

Dennis said...

Um, please no.

Ira said...

Oh! Funny situation but a total miscommunication. Person X seems to lack the listening skills. Or is it just hard for him to understand what you said? There are people who are like that. They heard you enough but still stick to their idea. No wonder you suddenly had an ulcer attack.

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