Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Web Traffic

I am pretty fascinated by this week's web traffic stats.

As you can see, there was a huge spike in traffic for a few days starting the day after LCSD Board meeting; my usual daily tally for unique visitors is somewhere near 40.

The spike is not uncommon; the same thing happened after last month's meeting.

I'm taking this as evidence that people are very interested in what's going on.

Any thoughts?


Bernstein said...

People in Lebanon are hard up for entertainment?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely interested.
This affects ALL of us in one way or another.
It is not about "entertainment"
--not unless you don't take it seriously, or just don't care.
Seeing town leaders, elected or otherwise, behaving so badly is not entertaining, it is upsetting, saddening, frustrating.
I think it is great, though, that many people do care--even the ones I disagree with. If we don't care about the politics right on our doorsteps, how will we ever care about the state or national ones?
I am glad that RW cares enough to: take the time to attend meetings; afterwards carefully write those long summary posts; think through the issues, and the actions, and share opinions.
From one of those basically "spike people"--thank you!

roxy said...

I wonder if you have extra hits on Wednesday because it's when the Express comes out? There's always a school board story or two that you link to...?

Dennis said...

Roxy, I think you are correct - as well, I wonder how much, if any, traffic, the LE website gets via mine?

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