Monday, February 25, 2008

[Hasso Hering] Surrender to the forces of reason? Never!

Face-melting should be caused by guitar solos, not this:

We will never reform or improve our system of paying for health care as long as policy wonks are in charge of the debate.

You know, as asinine and wrong as that statement is, at least it's clear where he stands.

Oh. Wait. That's not justification for anything. It just makes the statement clearly wrong rather than obtusely wrong.

It gets better:

The problem is simple: Medical attention costs too much. And because it costs too much, lots of people could not afford it without insurance. But with insurance, they don’t care what it costs because they don’t have to pay.

Why does it cost so much? Because we want the best.


Skill and advances in technology have made many things possible in medicine, and they all cost a bundle. We all want everybody to be infinitely cautious. If they’re not, we sue.

That will never change, And so, no amount of policy wonking will reduce the cost of medicine.

I suppose obscene profits are god-given, natural parts of the health care system, like policy cancellations for people who are sick. I bet a policy would help fix that problem.

Here's more cost-reducing policy-wonking: Allow the government to negotiate prescription drug prices and get good bulk rates. That's a policy. It saves money.

This editorial's dishonesty is only matched by its anti-intellectualism. Neither has a place in a newspaper.


Bernstein said...


You left out the best part of HH's editorial, his solution.

When medicine was inexpensive, doctors listened to your heart, prescribed some pills and sent you home. And maybe three months later you were dead. And yet there was no talk of a health care crisis. Everybody realized that people lived only so long, that very often they got sick, and in the end everybody dies.


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