Monday, February 25, 2008

[NYT] Diablo Cody in the NYT

She was in there, of course, because Juno won Best Original Screenplay, and she wrote it.

But tell me how, Mssrs. Halbfinger and Cieply, is this relevant:

The indie delight “Juno,” about a pregnant teenager with a mouth on her, won for best original screenplay, by Diablo Cody, who once worked as a stripper. She tearfully thanked her family for “loving me for who I am.”

She was a stripper? Oh Noes!


Get over it. There is no justifiable journalistic reason to include this. It's not related to the content of the movie, it's sensationalist and - dare I say it - sexist, designed simply to get a rise out of readers (and, perhaps, simultaneously inspire a sense of righteousness).


Theresa H said...

Normally, I'd be right on board with that analysis, but it is true that Diablo touts her former profession with some frequency, so much so that she made fun of herself in a video now available on YouTube (that I believe will be part of the DVD release of the movie) in which she mentions her former stripper-hood about, oh, 30 times. I think it's something she's very proud of, and might not object to having referenced. However, NYTimes motives remain questionable.

Dennis said...


I still think I disagree - the question is not whether or not she minds, but whether or not it's journalistically relevant to mention it in a two-sentence blurb about her winning a movie award. I just don't see why the readers need to be reminded of that fact in this context. A longer story on this event? Sure. A profile? Of course. An interview? Sounds like we'd be hard-pressed to avoid that little fact.

But this? Eh, I'm not buyin'.

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