Saturday, March 1, 2008

[Civil Disobedience] War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. (Special Jersey Edition)

Probably from Romanesko, this story on a couple of twenty-nine eighth graders who decided on a particularly creative form of protest at their newly reduced lunch time:

Twenty-nine eighth graders at a Hunterdon County school received two days detention after they paid for their $2 lunches with pennies, officials said.

The 8th graders at Readington Middle School were protesting having only 30 minutes for lunch each day. They received detentions for slowing the cafeteria line and disrespecting lunch aides...

I think that's rather brilliant, myself. It's totally legal but it sure gets the attention of the folks in charge.

Plus, you know, it gets rid of a whole lot of pennies.

So why were they punished? Because they challenged the authority of the school. It's just that simple.

I say congratulations - I hope the event teaches them to distrust authority for a good long while, as a healthy distrust for authority will serve them well.


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