Saturday, March 1, 2008

[Daily Barometer] It's a start...

The Baro ran an editorial Friday rehashing some recent ethics issues in journalism.

The joke practically writes itself.

I mean, I could have stopped there.

It's a shame I'm not that smart.

Instead: Hey, Baro, why don't you look in your own closet? There's plenty of ethical skeletons in there. How about, I don't know, blackface? How about holding onto at least column for a few weeks because it was too critical of the paper (and then forcing changes to be made before agreeing to run it)?

Or - dare I say it - Nathanael Blake's entire run as a columnist?

But no. No, that would be.... what? Too introspective? Too hard? Require taking responsibility for the institution even when the individuals are long gone?

Sigh. Oh Baro, I remember when you were the top college paper in the nation. It's been a quick fall these last few years.

That said: At least I know that someone over there is thinking about journalistic ethics. I was pretty sure that wasn't the case there for awhile.


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