Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boiling over


Some people including state officials say the Mannix petition is not the way to go because it will fill the prisons. Hah! Fill the prisons? First they would have to catch those crooks, and how are they going to do that?

That idiot. Oregon's prisons are already filled to near-capacity (to wit: Somewhere around 14,500 beds and 13,500 prisoners, with projections suggesting that it will only be a few years until all beds are full).

Is it too much to ask that he be held to the factual standards of someone doing a report in the fourth frackin' grade?


Cassie said...

Not to mention that one of the reasons the prisons aren't completely full is because the state doesn't have a big enough budget to adequately staff an entirely full prison. There are plenty of criminals who've been "caught" but released for this reason.

Does this guy ever think before he writes?

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