Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In which Hering (potentially) demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the LCSD board

Hering on school boards:

Being on the school board is fundamentally different from legislating. Unlike the state House, school boards are essentially administrative in nature, though they may from time to time be asked to make or ratify some executive decision.

Interestingly, there seems to be a rather intense debate going on in Lebanon over whether or not that is, in fact, true.

Personally, the fact that even Hering thinks school boards are rubber stamps is evidence for me of how abnormal the claims being made in Lebanon are. This is Hering, people. He's not exactly a bastion of non-traditional thought.

Update: The debate can be a real debate about what the role of school boards should be, but we need to at least acknowledge the reality regarding what the normative (commonly accepted) role of school boards is at this time.


Eye in the sky said...

It shows how little Hering understands about local politics. Whatever problems the Republicans are having is not going to filter down to
District 17.

It's solidly Republican and nothing happening in the Lebanon School District is going keep Sprenger from winning the election.

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