Wednesday, June 4, 2008

(The Lack of) Diversity in Corvallis

I would hold this up as an example of both how the majority of Corvallis might view the idea of diversity and, simultaneously, why that's a bit of a problem:

The booth generated a mixed reaction from pedestrians on Saturday. Some thought it was a clever way to promote diversity and initiate a discussion on race in the mostly white city. Others said it was unnecessary for liberal-leaning Corvallis, where many residents pride themselves on championing diversity — including passage of a charter amendment that makes it a priority.

Because everyone knows that a charter amendment championing diversity is all that's needed to end racism and discrimination.

According to Wikipedia, the population of Corvallis is 86% white.

I'm sure that has nothing to do with the above paragraph.


crallspace said...

I personally don't think Corvallis is that much white. I know plenty of Hispanics, Natives and I see a lot of African Americans here as well.

I used to joke about us being a pastey white town, but I don't think so so much any more... not that that's a bad thing.

Come to the Corvallis Open Forum on SAT from 11-1 at the Farmers MKT and talk about this.

Anonymous said...

Corvallis is very diverse. We have people from every single country in Europe.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

for diversity, there's always albany, racially speaking that is. i agree--corvallis is quite the lilly white city. and i'm confident that a large reason for that is the high cost of living and the lack of living wage jobs.

IE said...

I think Corvallis is still pretty dang white. You know where I notice the most diversity around the mid-Valley??? Costco. Kid you not. (I don't own stock.)

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