Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sometimes, one can only marvel at his awesomeness

Hering in an editorial ostensibly about the upcoming Presidential race:

The main question in America always has to be: What do we do to assure that individual citizens will continue to be free, both politically and economically?

Just now, freedom seems under considerable threat from a much more meddlesome government interfering more directly in personal lives.

That's fantastic, I thought - Hering is going to come out against all violations of privacy that have occurred in the last eight years. This is awesome.

Sadly, I was - am - wrong. The very next sentence of the editorial:

This is the main reason some of us are skeptical of the claims about global warming.

I am totally befuddled. Guantanamo Bay, floating prisons, renditions, torture, the shredding of several articles of the Constitution, domestic spying, etc. etc. etc., and Hering is referring to global warming as the only noteworthy threat to people's freedoms?

What the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck?


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