Monday, June 2, 2008

Sprenger to Resign

Word just came in that LCSD School Board Chair Sherrie Sprenger announced her resignation at the meeting tonight. I guess June 30 is her last day.

Rumor has it that Sprenger made the announcement at the very end of the meeting, when the crowd was sparse, and that the gavel was headed downwards before the last word got out of her mouth. No word on reactions from anyone else.

My understanding is that this means Rick, Josh, Debi, and Chris are going to pick Sprenger's replacement.

Is everyone wearing their seatbelts? This could be interesting, especially if the recall of Shimmin succeeds and the four members at the time are Rick, Josh, Chris, and Sprenger's replacement.

Oh, the possibilites....

Update: See Jennifer Moody's DH story here.


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